There has been a Photographic Society in Gravesend since 1901, but the present Club was formed in 1932. The inaugural meeting of the Gravesend Photographic Society was held in January 1932.

Beginners as well as experts were welcomed and all classes of photography were undertaken. The annual subscription for that season was 5/-. The onset of the war interrupted the regular meetings of the Society, and it wasn't until 1944 that meetings reconvened. The Committee approved a 100% increase in subs to 10/- a year and also recommended that "at least two ladies were to serve on the Committee".


It was around this time that the Society took on its present form and started its programme in September. Portrait evenings were held at Marshalls' Photographic Studio in Windmill Street, and an enlarger was made available for members' use. Around 1950 the Society became Gravesend Camera Club - a less formal and more friendly title. Also around this time the Kent County Photographic Society was formed, of which the Club quickly became a member (and remains so today). The Club membership remained small during the 1960's, with only 9 members attending the AGM in 1965. In 1969 there was a marked increase in membership (and the Club's bank balance!).



Please see the Home Page for current programme information and contact our Secretary if you need to know anything about subscription rates.